What Should Marketing Learn From Voice Control?

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We are facing the final start of smart speakers and voice control. If we are no longer surprised by talking to our phones to ask them to call us or open the browser, now communication has taken a step further and the commercial paradigm has changed to evolve towards new business models that compete with the more traditional ones.

Like all great changes, it takes some time to assimilate, it is true. However, Buy Mobile Database technology advances at an accelerated pace without waiting for anyone and it is the most innovative companies, with personnel prepared to adapt to change, those that manage to adapt better to the current moment.

The arrival of smart speakers such as the Echo from Amazon, Google Home or Movistar Home, radically changes the way in which consumers relate to companies and this is a fact that is already on the market and that will only evolve towards the consolidation of artificial intelligence.

Leaving aside the incalculable value of the data obtained and managed by large companies such as Google or Amazon, and which deserves a separate article, the consolidation of these devices brings with it the need to adapt marketing to this new environment. There is no other and now I will tell you why.

Devices based on artificial intelligence base their searches Best database provider on big data extracted from the network. That said, what if we are not on the network? That’s right, we disappear. On the other hand, what happens if we are on the internet but we do not control exactly how? The answer is simple: others will reach the consumer before us and we will never know.

If you don’t believe it, you can try a voice search device and you will quickly realize how important it is to control the digital channel. By writing these lines, I have performed the test by asking my device “tell me where can I eat Italian pasta”; Despite having an Italian restaurant run by a friend of mine less than 100 meters away, the voice assistant has indicated another one that is more than 1 km away. If they give me the choice, it is clear that I will go to my friend’s because I know him ; But what would happen if I did not know of the existence of any Italian near my area? Bingo! It is more than likely that, having previously asked a speaker about a nearby Italian restaurant, my consumer desire was directed towards the farthest restaurant. My friend from the restaurant

Below we can draw some conclusions from the behavior of voice assistants and that we could well apply to marketing:

It is extremely important to control and deeply understand the peculiarities of digital channels. This is just the prelude to what is to come.
It is not enough to be online, you have to know how to be on it and control it. For this, there is no other option than having qualified personnel who know how to carry out business strategies that mix the physical world with the virtual one.
Have a 360º and omnichannel mindset. At a time when retail falls and e-commerce rises, it is key to be able to join forces and align objectives; never separate On from Off.
Segmenting is more important than ever. Let no one think that getting everywhere is as easy as it once was. Search engines like Google, Bing or Amazon itself are prioritizing solving consumer convenience problems; being very important to be in the place and at the right time.
In short, voice control can help us to draw the current panorama of digital communication. A horizon that advances, consolidates and that does not separate On and Off but requires a panoramic view of things. From online to offline , from offline to online, and so on until a continuous and cyclical movement is achieved that puts the consumer at the center of every communicative act. #ThinkInDigital

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