Should we have our festivals in winter?

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With the current Covid-19 crisis going on, the concept of a ‘festival season’ has pretty much been thrown out of the window. Many events which have been typically held in the summer are moving to September and October, such as the London Marathon.

On the flipside, many major festivals scheduled for the earlier parts of summer (Lovebox, All Points East, Parklife) have outright cancelled for 2020. They have been caught off guard by the speed of the virus and will simply not have time to adapt. 

But for organisers with a bit more time and perspective, could there be a huge opportunity to move the ‘festival season’ into the winter? Could we have Glastonbury: The Winter Sessions in November or December? Okay, there’s mud. And its a bit cold. But if we put the old excuses to one side, I think there will be a huge demand for events like this later in the year, and somebody could win big on it.

Now is the time to shake things up…what do you think, eventprofs?


This is a topic I’ll be covering more in the next issue of Access All Areas, so if you have any thoughts please leave them below or email me at!

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1 on April 15, 2020

Hi Stuart and fellow eventprofs,

As an organiser of a summer themed festival (London Dessert Festival – hosted in early August) we have tentatively reserved dates for a Winter Version – to be held in December – under the circumstances.

We will see how things progress and are hopeful for August however it makes sense to plan as well for December… 

Having festivals/events in winter brings its own challenges as there are already many constraints on the public’s finances due to ‘that other big festival’ – Christmas!

I guess the strategy may be to incorporate the yuletide theme (decor, food, entertainment, shopping) for any new Winter festival season.

Time will tell – as uncertain as it may be. 

Lyndon D Baptiste – founder of London Dessert Festival and FFAIR

on April 15, 2020

Thats really interesting and thank you Lyndon. I actually attended the last London Dessert festival with a friend of mine and wrote a piece for one of our mags last year!

Could I follow up on this with you over email? I’d like to speak to some organisers who have moved events. I’m on Please do get in touch 🙂 

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