LeBron James and Trae Young on the first look at the NBA 2K22 ratings

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On Wednesday, video game publisher 2K Sports released the results of the first wave of ratings for NBA 2K22 reveal, and a handful of NBA stars were less than pleased with their overall performance. Kevin Durant, the star forward for the Brooklyn Nets, had high expectations for his rating. Durant, who is one of the cover athletes for NBA 2K’s 75th anniversary edition, provided an explanation for why he believes his overall rating should be 99 in a video posted by the game’s publisher. Durant, who finished with a 96 overall rating last year, admitted that he puts in a lot of effort. I’m pretty good at pretty much everything. That’s why I should be rated a 99 on the scale.

LeBron James and Trae Young on the first look at the NBA 2K22 ratings

LeBron James expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the game publisher rated Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in a recent interview. In the previous year’s edition, James and Giannis Antetokounmpo shared the top spot as the highest-rated players, each receiving a rating of 97 overall. Even though Trae Young was coming off a season in which he guided the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference finals, he was dissatisfied with his overall rating. However, while Madden has become somewhat famous for what has been dubbed the “99 Club,” its basketball counterpart rarely awards near-perfect ratings to players on the team’s starting lineup. Kevin Garnett was the first 99 overall player in NBA 2K when it was released in 2001, but Shaquille O’Neal responded by becoming the first 100 overall player in the game the following year. In addition to Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Chris Paul, only four other players have achieved the feat of a 99 rating while actively participating on an NBA roster. However, no active player has held the exclusive rating since NBA 2K14 was released. Among those who have received the nearly perfect 99 grade are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to name a few.

It goes without saying that becoming a member of 2K’s 99 Club is no easy feat, but KD’s performance in the 2021 playoffs, as well as his gold medal from the Tokyo Olympics, were not enough to help strengthen his case. After the players’ altercation, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green both accused Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and team president/general manager Bob Myers of mishandling the fallout, which ultimately resulted in Durant’s decision to leave the team at the end of the 2018-19 season.

When asked about the incident in an interview published on Wednesday by Bleacher Report, Durant and Green both said they believed Kerr and Myers were to blame for the way they handled the players’ emotional back-and-forth on the court, which spilled into the locker room following an overtime loss to the LA Clippers on Nov. 12, 2018. The interview was published by Bleacher Report. Chips, the first episode of Green’s new show, was a conversation with Durant in which he was asked how much that argument played a role in his decision to leave the Warriors. Durant told Green that it wasn’t the argument that got him into trouble. I think it was the way everyone, including Steve Kerr, pretended like it never happened. Green, who was ultimately suspended by the Warriors for the following game as a result of his involvement in the altercation, stated that he spoke with Warriors management both after returning to the Bay Area following the Clippers game and again the following morning. Green was not charged in the incident. When the group asked him to apologize to Durant, he stated that he had a message for Myers and the Warriors’ management team.

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