Helping sales teams and sales leaders during the crisis

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Hi All,

At Flume, we are focused on helping sales leaders and sales teams get through this challenging period and come out the other side as strongly as possible. We have set up a number of free webinars, videos and resources as well as some deeper-dive ‘action webinars’ at a nominal fee.

Please see our web page below where you can find links to all the available help.

The newly launched ‘Action Webinars’ are being promoted with discounts here:

If we can help businesses and individuals directly during this difiicult time, please get in touch via our website.

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0 on April 16, 2020

This looks great Richard!

At No More Ifs Or Buts we are offering support, shared experience and strategies for navigating this challenging time. We understand the difficulties many leaders face in a crisis and times of uncertainty. Our Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis webinar will provide leaders with the skills they need to manage their teams through a crisis.

Join us every Thursday at 12:30pm for a 45-min session on how to lead your team, not just survive, especially in these challenging times. If you would like to register to one of our FREE WEBINARS click here

For more information about the sessions check out our blogs here

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